The Vipol Company was founded in 1989 entirely with private Polish capital.
The main activity of the firm – registered in 1990 – was to import clothing and textile goods from the Far East. As a Polish leader in textile imports from Thailand, China and Indonesia, Vipol provided jeans, blouses, cotton shirts, t-shirts, underwear, socks, tights and sports shoes for both the foreign and domestic markets.
From 1992 to 1998 Vipol sent most of its imported goods to Russia, where a prosperous trade office in Moscow had been founded. During the same period the company also imported household articles, home equipment and electronics.
The large increasing scale of its imports was the reason for the emergence of two new developments: a customs warehouse and transport.
One of the first custom warehouses in Warsaw, Vipol’s new venture quickly became one of the largest in the city, where textile trade with foreign countries was the main focus.
International transport was executed via modern modes: – several trucks, containers and tilt semi-trailers were utilised.
In 1995 Vipol began service activities as a licensed Custom Agency and created customs warehouses and a Customs subplace. Through this activity Vipol represented to the customs authorities the interests of many companies which trade in Poland.
Since 1996 Vipol has been expanding into the real estate market. The company is the creator, owner and administrator of the Vipol Plaza office complex, located in the centre of Warsaw. The total area of the Plaza is almost 20,000 sq m.

In the period between 1996-2009 Vipol was the second largest operator at Stadion Dziesięciolecia. The company had nearly half a thousand stalls in and around the bus station at Warszawa Stadion.

Vipol is the owner and administrator of several other utility properties, as well as the YACHT CLUB MARINA located in Wierzbica on the Zegrzyńskie Lake, which includes a modern yacht port.

Since 1997 Vipol has had sales representatives in China, Guangzhou (Canton) and Xiamen.
Since 1998 the import of building materials and natural stone products has been accompanied with business investment in real estate. Vipol offers a few hundred varieties of granite, sandstone, marble and travertine from China and was the exclusive importer for the Polish market. The company also has various types of natural stone coming from Italy and Spain.

In 2003 the company created its sales representation in Bagdad, Iraq and led commercial activity for two years between China, Vietnam and Iraq with great success.

The following years was a time for stabilization where besides property management, the import of building materials dominated. As a result, Vipol started its activity as a contractor of commercial construction projects. Vipol was contracted to provide its expertise for many utilities in the country such as building of Fryderyk Chopin Airport in Warsaw, the Inter-Continental Hotel, the rebuilding of Trakt Królewski and the construction of several stations of the Warsaw metro system.

Looking forward, Vipol will continue to advance its interest in the holding and development of real estate, as well as maintaining its reputation as one of Poland’s leading importers.

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