The beginnings of VIPOL’s activity date back to 1989, and the company was registered on 3rd of August in 1990 and has always been owned by a Polish private person. International trade was the main activity. In the 1990s VIPOL was the undisputed leader in Poland in the import of textiles from Thailand, China, then Vietnam and Indonesia, supplying both to the Polish market and to foreign markets. Between 1990 and 1999, most of VIPOL’s imported goods were shipped to Eastern markets, where consequently a trade office was established in Moscow. At the same time, the company was also importing household appliances and consumer electronics from Singapore and building materials and natural stone products from China.

The large scale of its own imports and its highly developed commercial activity led to the creation in 1992 of two additional branches: customs warehouses and international transport. One of the first in Warsaw, initially meeting its own needs, soon turned into one of the largest customs warehouses in Warsaw, trading goods with foreign countries. In turn, its own international transport is based on the latest rolling stock made up of a dozen articulated lorries.

In 2003, VIPOL went to Iraq with a textile offer for the market there and was present there until 2005.

The next years of commercial activity are associated with the expansion of imports, that time of building materials, which in consequence caused taking up activities in the field of participation in the execution of commercial construction investments in Warsaw. Strong emphasis was placed on this type of activity and quickly resulted in participation in the construction of a number of important public utilities. Our experience was effectively used in the construction of the new Warsaw Chopin Airport, the Inter Continental Hotel, the reconstruction of the surface of the Royal Route, several stations of the Warsaw Metro and many other investments.

In 2010, VIPOL organized production in China and delivery of sound absorbing panels, used to this day in the construction of screens along highways in Poland.

From 1996 to 2009, VIPOL becomes the second largest operator in the area around the stadium. At the time it had over half a thousand trading stands.

VIPOL also owns the port and Yacht Club MARINA on Lake Zegrzyński near Serock. The property also once had a service station for watercraft, in cooperation with PKN Orlen. It is currently one of the few places in the area with a helipad.

Along with the commercial activity, real estate, mainly offices, have been the subject of business activity.  The company became the creator and administrator of the VIPOL PLAZA office complex, located at Młynarska Street in Warsaw Wola. This office complex is a unique combination of very good location, elegant architecture and modern technology, with a total capacity of almost 30000 m2.

The history of our activity shows that the continuation of the construction of own properties and the commissioning of further investments, which are part of the VIPOL PLAZA office complex in Warsaw Wola, is the direction in which VIPOL has been following for years.

That is why we are working on the latest project of more than 500 apartments for rent in Wola, Vipol Plaza IV.

Our experiences and achievements in international trade have already been recognised by the Polish Business Club with the prestigious award and the title of Company of the Year 2005.